Software Rocket's Fatal RIO Apk 44.6Mb Download

Software Rocket's Fatal RIO Apk 44.6Mb Download For Android Devices

Fatal Rio is Software Rocket's Offical Android Game, This is Full version of android game so need to buy or no trail version included. Minimum level of Android 2.3+ is required.
Fully designed for player who likes action games.
the player typically controls the protagonist or avatar. The avatar must navigate a level, collecting objects, avoiding obstacles, and battling enemies with various attacks.

Player Can Access The Shop After Completing Each Stage/Level
Shop Items :
*) Health/Life -> Give Extra Health For Further Game Play
*) Fire Ball -> Give Fireball at Count of 5 For Destroy Enemies & Objects.
*) Bomb -> To Destory Group Of Enemies
*) Rocket -> Gives High Amount Of Damage to Enemies, Dont Use Nearby Player.
*) Save -> To Save Your Game.


At the end of a level or group of levels, the player must often defeat a boss enemy that is more challenging and often larger than other enemies. Enemy attacks and obstacles deplete the avatar's health and lives, and the player receives a Game over when they run out of lives.

Story :
Player need to complete all 8 levels for game completion, At each level the player has gain access to shop for purchase usefull items. 2 Bosses in the whole game. After complting each 4 level the player need to cross boss for next level.

Very easy control to play, player has to collect one golden before get into next level, The key may located in different location on differnt levels. In some stages the player has chance to take golden key easily, but many stages the player has to take decision for which way is correct to take golden key.

player has many option to avoid enemies & dangerous objects. Can avoid by jump away from enemies or use fireballs or bombs or rockets for destory enemies & dangerous objects.
Enemies sometimes appears in groups or waves, with enemies increasing in strength and number until the end of the level.


Enemies may also appear out of thin air. This can involve an invisible spawn point, or a visible generator which can be destroyed by the player. These points may generate enemies indefinitely, or only up to a certain number.

Name : FatalRio.apk
Size : 44.6mb
Link : Direct Download