Elite Gun Ship Strike Mod 33.28mb Download

Elite Gun Ship Strike Mod 33.28mb Download For Android Devices

Description :
Gunship Strike is the most realistic 3D helicopter battle action game available on Google Play. Gunship Strike puts you in the gunner seat of the most powerful combat helicopters.

It’s a gunner first person shooting game. Compete with one of the brutal enemy who play game of war with every country. In this age of fire, everyone suffers the consequences. 

Your air war commando is seated in an army helicopter to battle the enemies, the helicopter being efficiently equipped with the state of the art weapons and enhancements to take down massive hordes of aerial forces.
Use your impeccable air war skills and take drifts and turns through perilous enemy battle grounds. Take them all out with authority to assert your dominance on the battle field.

- Gunner
- Multiple weapons to fire
- Variety of Armors to protect
- Medical kit to save energy
- Air strike to save you
- Enemies with Gunship helicopters, humvees, Tanks
- Challenging missions to enjoy the game
- Machine gun and upgraded RPG
- Optimized controls to be able to play the best shooting game
- Amazing 3D environment
- Real sound effects
- Gunship Air Attack

This game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latest FPS, shooting and racing games. Never before will you have found yourself shooting a midst intense enemy gunship crossfire!

How to Install :
1.Download & Install Apk File
No External Data is Required

Name : EliteGunShipStrikeMod.apk
Size : 33.28mb
Link : Direct Download