Card Thief Mod Android Apk 80.41mb Download

Card Thief Mod Android Apk 80.41mb Download For Android Devices

Description :
Before playing Card Thief, I was in the pink of health: now, I stand before you ravaged and thoroughly enthralled. I am red-eyed, bleary, wan, and yet grinning ear-to-ear. 

Sleep is precious to me but commonplace, especially when compared to the advent of a genuine surprise, so when I found the game had surpassed my expectations, high as they were given the studio’s pedigree, it was an easy choice to make. I’ve spent the past days shotgunning the game and can happily report back to you that it has innovated many of Card Crawl’s mechanics and served up a whole new bag of tricks. Suffice to say that Tinytouchtales’s latest is a delight, and well worth your time. 
It is a definitive entry into the canon of modern solitaire games

Each turn, you must move the thief at least two spaces on a 3x3 grid, clearing any cards you happen to move through. Usually this means spending valuable stealth on enemies or torches; treasure and stealth cards are free to move through and increase your gold score and stealth points, respectively. What makes Card Thief such a volatile, exciting caper rather than a bone-dry arithmetic puzzle is the dynamic and interactive nature of the many various card types.

Torches light orthogonally adjacent squares, potentially making you visible to guards, who will sound an alarm and increase their base strength if you step in front of a illuminated card they can see. (Perhaps one of the few ironclad tips I can offer is to eliminate dark enemies rather than lit ones whenever possible) Torches also make illuminated stealth cards worthless, though they paradoxically make treasure more valuable. Enemies will increase their strength if they detect you, presenting tougher obstacles in the future.

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