Overlays PRO Android Highly Compressed Apk 1.34mb Download

Overlays PRO Android Highly Compressed Apk 1.34mb Download For Android Devices

Description :
Overlays Pro is a key only application that unlocks more features on Overlays.

Please install and try Overlays main application before purchasing
Purchasing Overlays Pro unlocks the following features:
Profile minimizer
Your profile is in the way? Add a minimizer overlay to your Global profile!
Single tap it to minimize the profile's overlays and tap it again to maximize the profile.
Double tap the minimizer to close the profile.
Pro in-house Overlays

Float a calculator, flashlight, dialer/contacts and camera without the need to install other applications or widgets.
Want a Global profile to float everywhere but when a specific application is running? Block it!
Tasker/Locale integration
Overlays Events are not enough? want even more flexibility and automation? Use Tasker!
Snap to Grid

Align you overlays easily with our grid.
Notifications Indicator (Android 4.3+)
Add notifications counter to every Application shortcut overlay.
Thank you for your support!
Overlays Pro is a key only application. Because you can't run it, we hide its shortcut from the application drawer.
If you wish to uninstall it, go to your Android system settings -> Apps -> Choose Overlays Pro and click Uninstall.

How to Install :
1.Download & Install Apk File
No External Data is Required

Name : OverlaysPRO.apk
Size : 1.34mb
Link : Direct Download

Download OverlaysPRO.apk 1.34mb