OBD Droid Scan PRO Android Highly Compressed Apk 2.4mb Download

OBD Droid Scan PRO Android Highly Compressed Apk 2.4mb Download For Android Devices

Description :
This all-in-one Vehicle Diagnostic and Performance Scanner lets you view real-time data and Check Engine Light trouble codes from almost any OBD-II (1996+) vehicle. You can view vehicle data and record vehicle data for future viewing. Re-load saved scans and even export saved scans to Excel spreadsheet.
With one simple command you can read the vehicle trouble codes (Check Engine Light) and save them for future viewing or use the email feature to send them to someone. It will also let you clear your trouble codes and turn off your check engine light with one simple command.
*Super quick refresh rate allows for optimal real-time scanning.
This app will allow you to read the following from your car's on board computer:
-Mass Airflow
-Manifold Absolute Pressure
-Boost (PSI)
-Ignition Timing Advance
-Throttle Position
-Engine Temperature
-Intake Air Temperature
-Long Term Fuel Trims
-Short Term Fuel Trims
-Barometric Pressure
-Ambient Air Temperature
-Engine Load
-Fuel Pressure
-Fuel Level (%)
-Engine Run Time
-Equiv Ratio
-Oxygen Sensors (O2 Sensors)
-Fuel System Status

* Or simply enter your own CUSTOM PID's. This is great if you have a list of your vehicle's specific PID's. You can enter your own PID's and specify the math you would like to perform and the desired units you would like the pid to display.
Record live OBD-II Data in real time and save it for future viewing.
Export your saved scans to Excel
-Scan live fuel economy in imperical or metric.
-Set fuel economy calculations to use MAF or MAP mode.
-Read PSI/Boost (For turbo/supercharged cars).
-Customize the layout of obd parameters on the screen.
-Show readings in imperical or metric.
-Advanced ELM327 Adapter Reset/Information Readout.
-Show current trouble codes.
-Save current trouble codes.
-Email current trouble codes.
-Turn off (Reset) Check Engine Light.
This app also gives you tips and suggestions to help you through processes.
*Developed by professional OBD-II tuners with 15 years field experience in OBD-II Automotive vehicle flashing and diagnostic scanning. This app is great for tuners wishing to view/record all the important parameters in a nicely laid out easy to read screen.
*Works on all vehicles that have an OBD-II interface (Most vehicles made on or after 1996)
*Requires any ELM327 Bluetooth device (you may purchase the device from within the app if you don't have one)
*PLX Kiwi ELM327 Bluetooth device: For a top of the line device, we recommend using the PLX Kiwi (Bluetooth). We have a direct relationship with PLX and our app is PLX certified to work with the Kiwi.
*Tablets - This app is optimized and will work on all screen sizes, including tablets!
* Bluetooth Connection - Note, any experience of not being able to connect to your vehicle may mean another bluetooth enabled app is holding the connection to your ELM device. Make sure any other bluetooth apps are not connected to the ELM327.
*PANDORA* - If you have Pandora on your phone and are unable to connect to your ELM device, try disabling Pandora and reconnect.

How to Install :
1.Download & Install Apk File
No External Data is Required

Name : ODBDroidScanPRO.apk
Size : 2.4mb
Link : Direct Download